PDH Requirements

Number of Hours

All Professional Land Surveyors must earn 20 professional development hours (PDHs) within the current 2-year renewal period. One PDH equals 50 minutes of presentation/classroom time.

Of these 20 hours, 4 must come from Statutes and Standards and 2 must come from Professional Conduct (ethics).

The hours must be earned within the renewal period (there are no "carry over" hours from one renewal period to the next).

What Counts

Professional development activities must be conducted by an acceptable provider (IPLSA is an acceptable provider named in the PLS rules), and:

  • Contribute to professional skills and/or scientific knowledge relevant to the practice of professional land surveying;
  • Enhance the general or specialized practices and values of professional land surveying
  • Be developed and presented by persons with education and/or experience in the subject matter of the program.

The following table will help you convert various approved activities into professional development hours.

Activity PDH Additional Qualifiers
College Course - Successful completion of college or university course in professional land surveying, related sciences or surveying ethics
1 Semester Hour = 15 PDHs
1 Quarter Hour = 10 PDHs
Professional Surveying Courses - Successful completion of professional land surveying courses or programs in which professional develop hours are earned
50 Minutes = 1 PDH  
Seminars & Workshops - Professional land surveying programs, seminars, tutorials, workshops, short courses, or in-house courses.
50 Minutes = 1 PDH   
Professional Meetings - Attending program presentations at related technical or professional meetings
50 Minutes = 1 PDH
Teaching - Teaching or Instructing (does not apply to faculty in the performance of regular assigned duties)
1 Hour Teaching = 2 PDHs
Only valid for teaching a course or seminar the first time.
Papers & Presentations - Authoring papers or articles that appear in nationally circulated journals or trade magazines
Maximum of 5 PDHs per renewal
Only valid for publishing or presenting the article the first time.
Continuing Education Units - An approved Continuing Education Course by a credentialing body
1 CEU = 10 PDHs
On-Line Courses – On line-line, distance learning or video courses
No more than 10 PDHs per renewal  4 hours of Statutes and Standards may not be obtained in this way