Looking for a Surveying Firm?

Interested in applying for the apprenticeship program, but don't work in surveying yet?  Here's how to start your search:

  • Upload your resume to IPLSA's job board here
  • Search for survey firms seeking Survey Technician Apprentices

Ready to apply?

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What Comes Next?

After your initial apprenticeship application has been submitted, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Send official transcripts to Parkland Admissions and fill out application to Parkland College

  • Official high school transcript or proof of GED (required)
  • Previous college transcript (if applicable)
  • Parkland Application here
  • Select degree seeking student. 
  • Use Code E.SRV.CER, the name of the program on the application is Land Surveying Technician Certificate

*Note: College course work may exempt students from assessment testing


2. Submit Federal Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) waiver to Parkland Admissions

  • Explanation of FERPA here
  • Form available here
  • Release records to IPLSA and employer

3. Complete Assessment Testing

If testing accommodations are needed, please first contact Accessibility Services at accessibilityservices@parkland.edu

*Note: ACT/SAT within three years or college transcripts may exempt you


4. Attend online orientation

*Note: Session information and link will be sent after the above steps have been completed.


5. Register and Pay for Classes

  1. Registration instructions are provided at online orientation
  2. Apprenticeship sponsor will complete the third-party sponsor form to cover cost of tuition, additional course fees, and textbooks.
  3. Contact Kory Allred at kallred@parkland.edu for assistance if needed.


Once the application has been submitted and reviewed, and you have been hired by the survey firm, you will become a pre-apprentice.  Additionally, after completion of the program, and apprentice who would like to continue their education to become a professionally licensed surveyor has the option of converting their coursework into college credit that can be applied toward a surveying degree.

Employer Process

Prospective Employers:

  • Post Apprenticeship openings for free on IPLSA's job board here

  • Review applicant resumes

Next steps after applicant has been hired:

  • Negotiate a contract with new employee including:

    • Pay rates - Minimum $15.00 per hour for first year apprentices, minimum $16.00 per hour for second year apprentices, minimum $17.00 per hour for apprentices who successfully complete program.    

    • Length of employment - To be negotiated between employer and apprentice at time of hiring. 

    • Consequences for not fulfilling requirements of contract - To be negotiated between employer and apprentice at time of hiring. 

    • Optional 1 week-boot camp - Typically held in early summer. 

Employers work with the pre-apprentice and Parkland College to schedule placement testing, register for additional learning courses and ensure FERPA waivers are signed.  Additional learning courses and labs will start with the fall semester and break in the summer during the peak time for surveying.  Employers are required to abide by all state and federal employment laws while participating in the apprenticeship program.  Additionally, employers will submit monthly apprentice timesheets to the IPLSA office for USDOL record keeping.