Do You Need Assistance Recruiting and Training Topnotch Survey Technicians?

We have the program for you!

The Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association in partnership with Parkland College in Champaign, IL has developed a two year, USDOL recognized, apprenticeship program to train the next generation of surveyor and mapping technicians.  This program offers extensive in-person on the job and online training in order to fully meet the fundamental skills required to become a survey technician.

Apprenticeship Training


  • 3600 hours of on the job training
  • 300 hours of coursework
  • 13 in person labs

The apprentice is required to take and pass the CST Level I or II exam in order to complete the program. After successfully completing the program, the apprentice will work for you for the contractually-determined period of time agreed to during the hiring process.

First year apprentices must be paid at least $15 per hour, second year apprentices must be paid at least $16 per hour, and upon completion of the program must be paid at least $17 per hour.  Apprentices also have the option to continue their education and become licensed land surveyors by having their coursework converted into college credits that will be counted toward a surveying degree.

Cost Analysis

Tuition for the program is estimated to cost $3000 with an optional boot camp costing an estimated $1500. An employer fully committed to funding all costs associated with the program can expect an apprentice to be 80-85% billable. In addition, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity offers education tax credits for employers participating in USDOL recognized apprenticeship programs. The program is capped at $5 million and employers must apply to receive the credit. Credits are capped at $3500 per apprentice per year with apprentices from economically distressed areas qualifying for an additional $1500.

Click here for more information on the apprenticeship tax credit.

At the end of the program, you will have a well-trained technician with a nationally recognized certification!